The Life And Death Of A Hippie Preacher


The soundtrack for the Emmy-nominated film Frisbee: The Life & Death of a Hippie preacher includes some of the best unheard music ever from some of the early Jesus music bands of the time. Songs from Agape (the first Christian hard rock band), All Saved Freak Band, Gentle Faith and more.

Artist Title Length
All Saved Freak Band Sower 3:36
Agape Wouldn't It Be a Drag 7:34
Joy We Invite You 2:43
Agape Change of Heart 3:45
Faith Gentle Faith Gentle 5:01
Agape Voyaging Pilgrim 2:59
All Saved Freak Band My Poor Generation 2:01
Stonewood Cross Magic Man 6:08
Gentle Faith The Darkness 6:01
All Saved Freak Band Ode to Glenn Schwartz 4:05
Agape The King is Christ 4:10